Definite Control in Chaos

Quarantine has served as a chance to dig deep into myself and untie many tight knots. Through hours spent writing and reading, I am able to see what is truly important.

As we have all been deprived of so much, understanding what actually does set ones heart alight compared to materialistic lust is revitalising.

Suddenly, the fear of reaching out to people is minimalised. Contacting people from the past is not desperate. For now we have the chance to acknowledge the important people in our lives, even if they have been absent for a while.  Send that message into that old group chat. Send people memes and posts that remind you of them. Now is the perfect opportunity to reconnect and prioritise relationships.

Furthermore, apologise to people you still care about. Forgive those who seek peace after a blow out. Let go of grudges and allow yourself to move forward. Heal old wounds and finally remove the stitches. That is of course only if it will improve your wellbeing doing so. Unwarranted toxicity should remain untouched.

I don’t like feeling regretful or leaving much up to chance, especially when it comes to my relationships with people. With the pandemic stripping us of various forms of control, utlising the little power we have is so important. The power to choose who to invest in, who to connect with, and ways in which you can do so. You have complete authority over who to allow and invite into your life right now, even if physical distancing serves as a barrier.

Despite the incredible loneliness, I am finding an increased sense of tranquility in solitude. Because at the end of the day, I am not alone in what I am feeling. And I can talk to people who empathise, for they are going through the same thing. We are united in this. Although a hug would be good right now.

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