Thoughts: 11 Days Into Isolation

Last time I wrote I was preparing and preserving myself before undergoing a second year of University and College.

It’s been a while.

A lot has unfolded since the simple days of February, however they didn’t seem so easy then.

Australia was on fire. Drought was still affecting many individuals. Everyone was going back to their respective education systems. The freedom of holiday lifestyle diminished and the stress of going back to full-time learning/work was my most pressing issue.

Then someone ate a bat.

It is incredible how much can change in short time, and how minuscule all our problems from days before feel. This pandemic has put a lot into perspective. No longer will any of us take for granted our challenging lives before. Knowing it could be months before I hug someone allows for a true appreciation of the small things in life.

In January, I believed it could not get much worse. The drought was affecting Australia to a huge extent, the bush fires were out of control, and I was out of sorts personally. Everyday is a blessing for tomorrow could be worse. It only took an overnight announcement to close down the pubs.

It has been 11 days since my College responsibly sent us all home, and my isolation officially began. Restructuring my timetable to online learning and no longer living with my best friends has caught me off guard. But we’re all in this together.

Everyone has had a dramatic life change and shock since the COVID-19 outbreak. We’re allowed to be upset. We’re allowed to be frustrated. But we can’t dwell.

The world has survived worse in the past, and that was before the technological advances and resources we have today were accessible. The plague must have been a nightmare. Rats and bats.

The end date to this all may be unclear, and the uncertainty of it all is overwhelming. However, it will be over. The world will be a different place when we are finally allowed to leave our houses again, yes. But we have the science, technology and support to get us through. I am grateful for that.

Stay connected. Stay healthy. Stay informed. And stay home.

I look forward to producing more content as the days go by.

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