You’re Going to Break Some Hearts and You Don’t Suck For It

Lately, I have seen a lot of people sharing social media posts inscribed with words related to love and moreover toxic people in love.

Everyday I see posts and memes on my feed associated with one person being more caring than the other in a friendship or relationship. These suggest that a type of love was let go, only to realise it was “the best thing to ever happen to them”.

I’m calling bullshit.

The harsh reality is we have all been the toxic, uncaring, heartless person in a relationship, whether it be platonic or romantic. It’s human.

There will be times when you can’t accept someone’s love. Some people work and some people don’t. Friendships fall out and relationships fail. As we grow and learn about ourselves, we also understand who we do and don’t connect with.

When you find yourself being rejected, it is important to not be resentful and angry that they don’t care for you as much as you do them, but understand that it is overall best for you both. Because if one person isn’t feeling it, what is it worth?

That, of course, is if the pain caused was not malicious. That’s a whole different issue.

There is no need to get passive aggressive about the fall out, especially online.

As our vibrations shift through time, so will our attractions towards different people.

Not everything is going to work, and honestly, it sucks. But be disappointed, not resentful. For that’s when things become truly toxic.

I have found myself in disappointing situations; some due to my actions, others not. Holding a grudge and sharing posts on social media alluding to the events does not do anyone any favours. I am fortunate for no one has done that to me thus far.

In saying that, posting relatable, uplifting quotes and images after surviving hardship creates a positive mood and feed. That is as long as it is not obviously targeted at anyone.

Let each other grow in peace and respect genuine apologies. If they don’t, let it be. If you don’t, let them go. We all make mistakes.

It is very liberating to release the past and accept what happened without lingering anger. I’m still practicing.

I’ve been hurt. I’ve been rejected. I’ve been disrespected. But I’ve also been the one to screwed up. And guess what, so have you.