The Individual Power of a Human

People are strange.

The way a mind can weave it’s way into another and have altering effects, big or small, is rather incredible. Sometimes there is an element of control in how grand the impact is, however I’ve found it to be a more subconscious process – aware but not fully.

As I live in a college environment, I am constantly surrounded by people and am therefore more vulnerable to adapting different mannerisms and in some cases, ideologies that another possesses. I have now manifested new traits, habits and thoughts based on others.

In talking with Chloe, sharing a cheese platter on the Brisbane River, she allowed me to dissect this more.

Humans are intense. They can love, hurt, revitalise, support, restrain, respect, comfort and be completely lost all at the same time. But regardless of who they are or what they’ve done, you learn something about yourself from the experience of knowing them.

It can be simple. The boys I live with have taught me how to appreciate the art of stupidity. One in particular helped me successfully utilise a beer bong. I am forever grateful.

It can be painful. When people question my morals to a point where damage is done – stripping aspects of identity. But in the end, they helped me gain a more conscious mind and a higher level of self respect.

It can be extravagant. Three girls in my wing have a beautiful way of keeping my politics in check while granting me permission to plunge into great depths. Another is an exemplary example of a woman who knows how to hustle. I hope her work ethic rubs off on me.

It can be sacred beyond measures – my family and closest friends of all. People who aren’t afraid to pull me into line, or so far out that I learn to do it myself. Who shake my world so dramatically that I ask myself the important questions without fear of the answer. Because I know whatever it is and whoever I become in the process, the unconditional love will prevail.

People are powerful.

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